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Westminster and Kensington and  Chelsea Free Healthy Lifestyle  Programmes

Get back to a healthier you with our free weight loss, exercise, stop smoking and 1-to-1 health programmes. We support you to make small, sustainable changes to improve your health and wellbeing and live a longer, happier life. Start improving your health today with our tools, motivational support and encouragement to guide you every step of the way.  

What we do

Nutrition and Exercise

We offer healthy lifestyle programmes tailored to you, like our 10-week weight loss course, group exercise sessions and 1-to-1 health coaching.

Stop Smoking Support

We give you the best chance of quitting for good with 1-to-1 sessions and support from our specialist stop smoking advisors.


We offer weight loss and exercise programmes tailored just for men in partnership with MAN v FAT.

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Smoke Free

Second-hand Smoke and Pets 

Second-hand smoke, or passive smoking, that is exhaled plus the “side-stream” smoke created by the lit end of your cigarette. When friends and family breathe

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