Celebrating Movember: 5 Mental Health Tips for Men

As we step into November, it’s not just the month of falling leaves and cozy sweaters; it’s also Movember, marking the start of Men’s Health Awareness Month. Not only does this campaign focus on essential and often overlooked physical health conditions such as prostate and testicular cancer, it also casts a spotlight on male mental […]

Second-hand Smoke and Pets 

Second-hand smoke, or passive smoking, that is exhaled plus the “side-stream” smoke created by the lit end of your cigarette. When friends and family breathe in second-hand smoke – what we call passive smoking – it is not just unpleasant for them, it can damage their health too.   Passive smoking isn’t just a danger for […]

What Chemicals are Really in a Cigarette? 

Chemicals Inside a Cigarette.  Tobacco that is found in a cigarette is not just made up of nicotine and tobacco leaves. Other chemicals and substances are added for flavour, shelf life and mouth feel. There are thousands of chemicals in tobacco, and at least 70 of these are known to cause cancers. The cancer-causing chemicals […]

Vapes – Our latest device to help smokers quit 

Vapes? What are they? Who should be using them? And why?   The media is full of articles and information in relation to vapes (or e-cigarettes) recently. From reading the news, vapes can seem quite scary. We’re here to answer any questions you might have about how vapes should be and are currently being used today.   […]

How can we manage stress?

Chronic stress may not even currently be an issue in your life. However, a preventative approach is beneficial – adding relaxation into your day can increase resilience to cope with future stressors.   Some stress management strategies:   Everyone is unique and some activities will appeal to one person and not feel right to another– choose what […]

Stress Awareness

What is stress?  Stress is an umbrella term. It can refer to the biological response to being exposed to a stressor in the environment, such as traffic. However, it can also refer to psychological distress, which may be short-lived, but it also features in long-term mental health conditions such as general anxiety disorder, depression, and […]

How to become Vape-free

People often transition to vaping when they want to quit smoking cigarettes, but what if you’re ready to quit to vaping?  Quitting smoking and transitioning to vaping is a really positive step. Vaping is not completely risk free, but it poses a small fraction of the risk compared to smoking cigarettes. It is estimated to […]


Did you know that there are over 30 symptoms associated with menopause? Thankfully, not everyone will experience all of these symptoms. The symptoms we actually experience is very individual. For many, menopausal symptoms can have a huge impact on day-to-day life.   A key cause of menopausal symptoms is the natural drop in oestrogen levels. Luckily, there are […]


Your heart is your body’s engine. It goes through all your highs and lows with you, silently beating away, never stopping. There are many conditions that can impact your heart, but it is important to remember that factors such as a broken heart because of loneliness or masses of stress has also been proven to […]