Madhu Haval
April 6, 2023

Your heart is your body’s engine. It goes through all your highs and lows with you, silently beating away, never stopping. There are many conditions that can impact your heart, but it is important to remember that factors such as a broken heart because of loneliness or masses of stress has also been proven to physically damage it. Shocking, I know! Death by a broken heart may be rare, but it is still a very real thing.  

A lot of people question how dying from heart break can be real. The medical condition is called “Takotsuba cadiomyopathy” or “broken heart syndrome”. Over history, there have been numerous unexplained deaths as a result of a tragedy, but the first medically described cases were in Japan in the 1990s. This is why it is important to not only make sure you keep yourself fit and healthy to reduce the risk of disease, but also to take care of your mental health.  

There are many ways in which you can support your heart using self-care and wellbeing. Whether that be going on walks to be outside with nature or having a catch-up with your friends. Sometimes watching a feel-good or trashy movie is actually a good way to make yourself and your heart happier.  

Here are One You, our health coaches can support you in finding ways to keep you fit but also your heart happy. We offer a range of activities, from group activity sessions to guided walks. Sign-up today here.