One New Me – Toni’s Story

Erin Kirby
September 6, 2022

How Toni lost weight, reduced alcohol and enjoyed making healthy changes.

How Did You Hear About One You?

“I heard about One You through my GP. He asked if I would like to do the course. I discussed this with my daughter, whom I then realised ran the same programme in Lincoln.”

Can You Describe Your Journey With One You?

“My journey was really easy. I was ready to change old habits. I discovered small tweaks that impacted on my weight and wellbeing. I lost weight and by the end of the course felt liberated and happy with the outcome. I was well on the way to a new me!”

What Kind Of Support Did You Receive?

“My main support came from Paul. We met up with the group once a week. He also kept in touch with me midweek and was available if I had any queries. I found the sessions with Paul informative. Quite a few shocks about calories/sugar etc. Plus the keep fit was fun and a good starting point to get moving.”

What Were You Main Barriers To Success?

“My main barrier was alcohol. Plus the fact I socialised a lot. But, I was in the zone, I found alternative drinks and was so impressed with the results it was addictive.”

What Were You Goals?

“My goals were to lose weight and get back into exercise.”

What Positive Changes Have You Made?

“I have no problem with champagne Saturday/Sunday and water all week! Posh tonic if I’m out (low calorie) with ice and fruit. I walk the dog at least twice a day. I walk to work and I’ve joined Kenwick Park. So I also swim and use the gym.”

Is There Anything Else You’d Like To Add?

“I have more energy and no longer get puffed out when walking. My clothes fit better and I can wear dresses that were too small. I like exercise and I love food. Together, everything in moderation, has made me a better me. One New Me! Thank you Paul for your help and support.”

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Originally posted on One You Lincolnshire.