Top Tips On Staying Smoke Free

Erin Kirby
October 18, 2022

With the summer sun shining, lots of us are spending more times at pubs and BBQs. It can be a testing time if you have recently quit smoking or currently going through this journey, either on your own or with the One You Smoking cessation service. 

Outdoor social activities, especially those at the pub, might just be causing you some worry about how you’ll manage to stay smoke free. We know that alcohol can reduce inhibitions, and this increases the risk of smoking relapse. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out! It is possible to remain smoke free and enjoy time with friends or family. Here are some of our simple tips to help: 

1) BE OPEN AND HONEST: Tell the people that you have recently become a non-smoker. Make any smokers with you aware so they avoid offering you a cigarette and ask them not to smoke around you. 

2) PLAN YOUR DISTRACTION: For those moments you might feel the urge to smoke, plan to change your environment. For example, take a trip to the bathroom. 

3) DRINK LESS: The more alcohol you drink, the greater the inhibitions. So, take your time with your drinks and alternate with non-alcoholic beverages. 

4) GO PREPARED: If you’re using Nicotine Replacement Therapy to remain smoke free, take it with you like you would when you go to work or elsewhere. When those cravings occur, this can help take off the edge. 

5) TELL YOURSELF NO. You’re a non-smoker now. Remind yourself of why you don’t smoke. Write it down or have it on your phone as a reminder if you must. 

If you want help to stop smoking, we are just a phone call away on 020 3434 2500, or you can register here.