We help you support the residents of Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea to lead healthier lifestyles through simple and sustainable changes. 

Our dedicated team offer a range of clinically proven interventions alongside motivational support and encouragement every step of the way to help improve the health of your patients.  All clients complete a short assessment, by phone or online, to help determine which of our programmes or services is most suitable. After this, they’ll have an appointment, virtual or in person, with a Health Coach or Stop Smoking Advisor.

Referral Options

1. Using systm1 or emiS web

You can easily refer using Systm1 or EMIS web. The referral goes straight to our secure inbox and we will call your client and triage.

2. using our Referral Form

Healthcare professionals can refer by clicking Sign Up and filling out a form for your patient. You can complete this referral form on behalf of someone else or the individual can self-refer using the same form.

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