Be SMoke free

Helping you to quit smoking, our 1-to-1 stop smoking programme means you’ll be 4 times more likely to quit, for good. We’ll look at your history, help you set goals, offer follow-up support and quit aids like Zyban and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

SMoking in Pregnancy

We work alongside GPs and midwives, with clinics in various midwifery units, to support you to quit smoking during your pregnancy and beyond. We take a completely non-judgemental approach so you can feel comfortable coming to see us and we can help you be smoke free, for yourself and your growing family. ​

Shisha SMoking

We also offer help to people that are smoking shisha. Not a lot is known about the detrimental side effects of shisha on the body. Below is an introduction to what shisha is and what some of the health effects are.

How we help

Who We Help

meet the team

Our fantastic team are here to support you every step of the way – read a little about them here.



First appointment

We’ll be in touch to book your first appointment where you’ll spend 30 mins with a stop smoking advisor discussing any concerns you might have, what you stand to gain by quitting, any quit aids that can help and what to expect in the coming weeks.


Sort your meds

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) comes in a variety of forms and we’ll help you pick what’s right for you. We can post you your quit aids, or ask your GP to prescribe any medication as needed.


Set A Quit Date & Quit

We'll help you plan and prepare to quit, and give you all the tools you'll need to overcome any hurdles you might be facing.


Weekly Support

Our 12-week course offers 1 or 2 appointments a week, depending on your needs. Each 15 min appointment with your stop smoking advisor is chance to get support around your meds or any struggles you might be having.


AT 4 Weeks Quit

This is a great goal to reach on your smoke free journey and at this point your advisor can help you adjust your meds.


AT 12 Weeks Quit

Congrats will be in order as you reach the end of your time with us and celebrate being a a fully-fledged non smoker.


6- & 12-Month Follow-ups

We’ll be in touch to give you any extra support you might need, and if you relapse you can always come back and try again.

What our clients say...

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