No Smoking Day

Madhu Haval
March 11, 2024

National No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness day in the UK, which occurs every second Wednesday of March – This year it is on the 13th of March 2024. The aim of this awareness day is to inspire and support individuals quit smoking for good.  

History for No Smoking Day:

National No Smoking Day was first held in 1984, with the aim of highlighting the health risks associated with smoking and assisting individuals in their quitting journey. Over the years, it has gained more support and momentum, resulting in it becoming a significant event in public health campaigns across the UK. Now many organisations collaborate to run events, workshops, talks etc to raise awareness for the day.  

Effects of Smoking on Our Environment:

Smoking is a habit that affects not only the individual who smokes, but also those around them; family, friends, and pets. Everyone is well aware of the health consequences smoking tobacco or shisha can cause a smoker, it is written everywhere from cigarette packs to promotional material. However, the lesser-known issues are the impact it has on families, communities, and the environment.  

The individuals around a smoker can passively inhale cigarette smoke, over time potentially causing them to suffer health consequences as well. For those who have existing conditions, such as asthma, they may be affected by smoke as soon as they inhale it, which is why in many public spaces, smoking is banned. Moreover, pets who have owners who smoke have been found to develop health conditions too. To further this, on an environmental scale, smokers have been found to deplete fossil fuels 10x more than others and contribute to climate change 4x more.   

How to get involved with this awareness day:

Whether you are a smoker aiming to quit, or someone looking to support others, below are some ways to engage with the awareness day:  

  • Commit to quit: What better day to start your quitting journey than No Smoking Day, use this as your starting point to seek out resources and support. 
  • Spread awareness: Talk to others about the day and the support available.  
  • Host or attend events: There will be numerous community events or workshops running to commemorate the day, join in on some of them.  
  • Engage on social media: Post blogs and posts on social media accounts to raise awareness.  
  • Offer support: Encourage anyone who is trying to quit, sometimes all someone needs is a supportive friend.  

How can One You help? 

Our Stop Smoking Advisors here at One You are well trained in being able to support anyone on their quitting journey. You will get 6 weeks of 1-to-1 support with an Advisor alongside 12 weeks of access to stop smoking aids, this can range from nicotine patches to vapes, depending on what your advisor and you have decided would work best for you. All you have to do is fill out a very simple sign-up form ( or call us up on 020 3434 2500.  

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