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What Does Wellbeing Mean to You?

Madhu Haval
January 29, 2024

The word “wellbeing” can mean different things to different people, based on their personal journey and expectations.  

Let’s start simple. What is the textbook definition of what wellbeing is? According to the Oxford Dictionary, “wellbeing” means “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. Have a think, does it mean the same thing to you? 

Many confuse health and wellbeing for being the same thing. They may be connected to one another, but they are different things. Health can be defined as the absence of any injuries or illness, whilst wellbeing is not just the absence of those factors but a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health (1). Therefore, improving your wellbeing is not as simple as taking precautions to not get injured or ill.  

What are the different types of wellbeing? 

Below are a couple of examples of the types of wellbeing (2), but they are not the only ones out there, and not everyone can relate to each of them. For each individual, particular types of wellbeing will stand out more than others.  

  1. Emotional wellbeing: Practicing stress management, being resilient, boosting self-love, and generating emotions that lead to good feelings.  
  1. Physical wellbeing: This is related to your body’s functions.  
  1. Social wellbeing: Ability to communicate, develop meaningful relationships, and maintain a support network.  
  1. Workplace wellbeing: Being able to pursue interests, values, and life’s purpose to gain meaning and enrichment professionally.  
  1. Societal wellbeing: Actively participating within a community, culture or environment.   

How to improve your wellbeing? 

The first thing to do would be to identify which types of wellbeing mean the most to you personally. Being able to identify these will help you focus more on practicing habits that are more likely to enrich your life, rather than following the status quo.  

For instance, if you wanted to focus on your physical wellbeing, you would be looking at what a healthy diet looks like for you. Which exercise routine suits you and your schedule the best. This will enable you to implement effective and sustainable changes into your daily life.  

Support at One You 

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