Vapes – Our latest device to help smokers quit 

October 2, 2023

Vapes? What are they? Who should be using them? And why?  

The media is full of articles and information in relation to vapes (or e-cigarettes) recently. From reading the news, vapes can seem quite scary. We’re here to answer any questions you might have about how vapes should be and are currently being used today.  

First, what are they? 

A vape is a device that has been found to be an effective way of helping smokers quit the habit of smoking tobacco. Vapes allow you to inhale an aerosol of vapour, instead of inhaling smoke. They can either contain nicotine with varying strengths or be nicotine free.  

Who can use them? 

It’s important to know that you should only use a vape if you smoke tobacco and are over 18 years of age. Vapes are a Stop Smoking aid and shouldn’t be used by anyone who doesn’t already smoke tobacco.  


People using vapes can become dependent on Nicotine and develop an addiction. So, if you’re already a non-smoker then vapes aren’t for you. There’s no need to get hooked on something that is designed to help others to quit smoking.  

Why are vapes a better option to smoking tobacco? 

It may seem strange swapping one thing for another but vapes are regarded as being 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. The most important thing that makes e-cigarettes a better option is that nothing is being burnt in the process of using a vape. When a cigarette/pipe/rollup is lit, various chemical reactions occur and over 5000 dangerous chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide, tar and smoke are released, and it is these chemicals that are causing most of the dangers to people’s health.  

One You RBKC and Westminster and vapes 

Since April 2023 One You RBKC and One You Westminster have started offering vapes as a Stop Smoking aid to anyone who is over 18 and a smoker. These products are free to anyone wishing to quit smoking, and they can be used solely on their own or combined with other NRT products such as nicotine patches.  

Why can’t I quit cold turkey? 

Well, if you wish to, you can. However, we recommend using NRT as an aid to manage cravings. It is nicotine that is the addictive property in tobacco that causes people to become addicted to smoking. By gradually reducing nicotine levels over a 12-week course, cravings are managed, and you are much less likely to relapse. AKA you will be MORE likely to succeed in your quit!  

We pride ourselves in being able to offer a wide variety of NRT products including patches, gum, lozenges, mouth/nasal sprays, and inhalators. Vapes are the newest addition to this list of optional quit aids for One You Bi-Borough’s smokers who wish to give up the habit.  

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Adapted from One You Lincolnshire’s E-cigarette’s – One You Lincolnshire’s latest device helping smokers to quit.