Top Tips On Staying Smoke Free

With the summer sun shining, lots of us are spending more times at pubs and BBQs. It can be a testing time if you have recently quit smoking or currently going through this journey, either on your own or with the One You Smoking cessation service.  Outdoor social activities, especially those at the pub, might […]

No Time To Exercise?

When our clients think about why they’re not exercising or moving as much as they should, they often say lack of time is a problem. And we can all relate to that, can’t we? Whether we’re trying to build more movement in our day to help our mobility, fit in 10,000 steps or are training […]

Stress: What is it & How it Impacts Our Health

Stress. What is it and how can we reduce it?  Stress can be defined as a state of mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. It is something that everyone experiences from time to time and it’s a completely normal reaction to changing or challenging life events.   We can’t […]

Eating Well For Less

Eating a well-balanced, tasty and nutritious diet doesn’t have to mean buying the most expensive foods on the shelves. Here are some top tips from reliable sources to help you eat well for less!  FRUIT AND VEG  Having a variety of fresh, frozen and tinned fruit and veg is great! Frozen and canned/tinned can count […]

Do I Have a Relationship With Alcohol?

A relationship with alcohol doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a substance use disorder, or that you are dependent on alcohol. A relationship with alcohol can simply mean that you have learnt to use alcohol for reasons other than “normal social drinking”. So when was the last time you truly considered the role alcohol plays […]

Eating Your Feelings?

Do you ever eat when you’re feeling negative emotions? I think most of us can answer yes. This is what we call emotional eating, and it can give us a certain amount of relief, helping us cope or avoid tricky emotions. It is a very normal response but may not fix our emotional problems. Doing […]

The Power of Writing

Have you heard the term “journaling” before, and thought, no, that Dear Diary stuff is not for me? Well, you wouldn’t be alone and I myself have been a sceptic for most of my life. Many people associate the idea of journaling, with that Dear Diary format, where you’re expected to talk to your imaginary […]

One New Me – Toni’s Story

How Toni lost weight, reduced alcohol and enjoyed making healthy changes. How Did You Hear About One You? “I heard about One You through my GP. He asked if I would like to do the course. I discussed this with my daughter, whom I then realised ran the same programme in Lincoln.” Can You Describe […]

10 top tips to get your weight down!

Here are 10 quick tips you can use if you want to manage your weight in a healthy way that suits you! Most people eat 21 meals each week, if you have 1 unhealthier meal, there are still 20 other meals to eat healthily. Don’t give up if you let things slip at one mealtime. […]